It is with great regret that ACOG announces the cancellation of BikeFest scheduled for May 5 due to the imminent threat of severe weather. Our top priority is the safety and well-being of our attendees, vendors, and ACOG staff.

After closely monitoring weather forecasts and consulting with local authorities, we have determined that proceeding with the event could pose significant risks to everyone involved. As much as we were looking forward to celebrating with you all, we must prioritize your safety above all else.


Join Us On Your Bike!

Bike to Work Week | May 13-19

Bike to Work Week is designed to encourage people to use their bikes as a means of transportation

Bike to School | May 8

Bike to School Day encourages children to safely ride their bike to school.

Download Bike to School Poster

Bike to Place of Worship

Bike to Place of Worship encourages riders & families to ride their bike(s) to their place of Worship May 17-19.

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Stay Safe While Riding Your Bike

Watch for Me OK is a public awareness campaign from ACOG and the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office (OHSO).

Watch for Me OK seeks to educate the public on the rules of the road and aims to keep our residents safe while traveling. The goal of this campaign is to reduce the total number of pedestrian and bicycle crashes and fatalities in Central Oklahoma.




Bicycle & Pedestrian Resource Center

ACOG has compiled a collection of bicycle and pedestrian related maps, documents, and other resources which may be useful to city planners, engineers, advocates, and area residents.

Regional Bicycle Network Map

The existing bike facilities map features existing regional bicycle network including shared use paths, existing bike lanes and existing signed shared roadways.

Educational Resources

ACOG works to educate the public on the benefits of active transportation for the region. This includes a resource guide for residents and planners, bicycle friendly guidance for businesses, and the Bicycle Commuting 101 webinar series.

why we love to ride a bike


Better Balance

Cycling provides many health benefits, including better balance. Riding a bike helps you gain balance and spatial awareness, and stabilizing the bike can strengthen your arms, core and legs.

Strength Building

Riding a bike for a least 30 minutes a day will build up your cardiovascular and muscular endurance.

Stress Relief

A study showed cycling is one of the most effective treatments for stress.

Environmentally Friendly

Bicycle commuting contributes to a clean environment in several ways. For starters, bicycling reduces transportation emissions and traffic congestion as well as the need for petroleum.

Boost Your Self-Esteem

New research shows that excercise and cycling in particular can help boost your self confidence.

Heart & Soul

Studies from Purdue University have shown regular cycling can cut your risk of heart disease by 50%.